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Welcome to Chicago Hardwood Flooring — your number one destination for hardwood flooring installation, repair and servicing in Chicago, IL. We have some of the best professionals working with us on the crew to give you the perfect hardwood flooring every time. We hand pick our team members, component suppliers and support equipment to give you the best installation, maintenance and repair service for your hardwood flooring and all other kinds of wooden flooring. We have a wide range of services to offer and we cover floorings of all kinds, from pure, traditional hardwood to vinyl and laminate and everything in between.

When it comes to pure and traditional hardwood flooring, you have the option of choosing between wood of various different natural textures and colors and also of different hardness ratings (measured in Janka). Depending on your tastes and preferences, you can then choose the wood stain and the finish that you would like. Wood stains can change the color of your wood drastically or subtly, depending on what you want. Finish is what protects the wood from moisture, scratches and much more. There’s water-based finish and oil-based finish to choose from, giving you ample option on each part. You can also choose to use pre-finished and pre-stained solid hardwood flooring that comes ready to install from the factory itself.

 If you are looking for a somewhat cheaper option, there’s engineered wood flooring that looks just like hardwood flooring but is easier to install. It has a layer of wood on top that is engineered together on a base of composite (non-solid) wood. This kind of flooring is easy to install and maintain and hence takes less effort to get right. You can get it in both regular and pre-finished varieties. Pre-finished requires only to be installed and hence is quickly ready but unfinished flooring gives you a better uniformity and final finish. Stains can be used on this kind of flooring but sanding down the top layer cannot easily renew them.

You can save even more money by opting for laminate flooring where there’s no sanding, staining or finishing involved. This kind of flooring is also very waterproof and lasts for a longer span of time in high traffic areas. It has a manufactured laminate upper layer that offers a great wide range of varieties in colors, textures, etc. This is a very popular option thanks to its ease of install and relatively cheap price. This floor can however not be renewed by sanding and re-finishing.

 Solid hardwood floors have the advantage of lasting for over generations. But they do gather signs of aging after prolonged use. Generally this kind of flooring would hold its finish for quite a few years but high traffic areas can get them worn down really quick. To test it, drop a droplet of water on the flooring and let it be there for a while. If the water soaks through, it is time to refinish your flooring. If it is still there after a few minutes, you still have more usage left.

 Refinishing involves sanding down the existing surface by very small amount to reveal fresh wood underneath. Once this wood is exposed, it can be re-stained and refinished to achieve a brand new look once again. Solid hardwood can go through this process multiple times but engineered flooring can only go through once, maximum twice. The sanding process is quick when done through the right tools but it is should always be done by a professional. For those who are worried about the accumulating dust, we have the dust-free sanding solution where you will not have to worry about dust any more.

 Dust free sanding is a popular service for the refinishing or installation of hardwood flooring. It involves using specialized equipment to sand down the entire flooring without allowing the wood dust to fly all over. It is instead immediately sucked up by a special machine and stored directly in a containment unit outside. Along with dust-free sanding, we also offer maintenance services that include re-finishing, re-staining and more. We also do quick repairs to correct things like a squeaky board, cracked or missing boards and also boards that have not been installed properly.

 Our crew specializes in installing all kinds of hardwood flooring and is well known for proper installation even in tricky areas. Areas like circular balconies, staircases, etc. pose quite the challenge to floorers and require experts like the members of our crew to get it right. That is why we are so very popular in the market. Our long list of satisfied customers are testimony to our constant dedication to delivering quality work. By hiring us, you will be hiring the very best for your property. We aim to deliver flawless hardwood flooring each and every single time.

 Our experts are not only good at installing but they are also great at modifying, repairing and servicing existing floorings. So if you have a problem that needs to be fixed or a badly done installation that needs to be put right, you should book an appointment with our experts. With our experience in the field and dedicated workforce, we deliver the best hardwood flooring options to everyone in Chicago. And we take great care when we service existing ones to take them as close to their newly installed states as possible. That is why we are one of the most sought after flooring crews in the area.

 We are a fully registered, bonded and insured company that strictly adheres to all applicable labor laws and utilizes a very strict recruitment process. Every candidate is chosen on the basis of skill and experience. Then they are made to go through rigorous background checks. This way, we make sure that you can completely trust our crew when they enter your premises to work on your flooring.

 So don’t waste anymore time and call us today for an appointment with our experts. Every caller gets a free, no-obligations estimate for any flooring project.

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"I would like to thank Mike for being efficient and prompt with their service. Mike did a great job with floor in my basement. He was polite and courteous which came as a real surprise. Wish you guys luck with all your future endeavors." - Missy Daniels


"A Big thanks to the guys from my My Chicago Hardwood Flooring. Never imagined the floor in our living room would look this great. The guys were methodic in their approach and completed the job on time and to my surprise cleaned the place before they left. Way to go" - Gayle Stevens


"To be honest I was a bit hesitant to hire your services. It was only because of my wife’s persuasion that I actually got in touch with you. Mike has restored my faith in the floor contractors. Thanks!" - Jack Drummond

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